My new role


If you’ve been following me [@benfenton] on Twitter for news of the Leveson inquiry, this blog (created for this sole purpose) explains that my coverage is going to end now on a day-to-day basis, because I am finally moving on to a new role that the FT has been keeping warm for me for several months.

I am going to be overseeing the creation of a new live news desk, with live-blogging, Tweeting and rolling news stories about world events and business news from around the world (including Leveson and phone hacking from time to time, no doubt).

This was a job that I was meant to start back in 2011, but the extraordinary events of that year kept putting back the moment when I made the transition. Now, it’s been decided that if we wait, it could be years before this story slowed down, so I’m pressing on in this new role. I will be covering Leveson, but not on a daily basis. There are plenty of other tweeters out there doing it, fortunately, and the FT will continue to give its full attention to the story that has dominated UK media news sinceĀ  late 2010.

Please don’t unfollow me straight away, as Tweeting will be a central part of my new role and you will be able to keep up with a wide range of stories that the Financial Times believes everybody needs to know about.

And thanks for following me so far!

To those who just read my media coverage, more thanks for taking an interest. My shoes will be ably filled by Megan Murphy, with the usual amazing support from Salamander Davoudi. The rest of the FT’s media coverage remains unchanged, with Tim Bradshaw the digital media correspondent and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, our global media editor leading the whole shebang from New York, assisted by David Gelles.

I’m proud to have been a part of it, hope I’ve made a reasonable contribution in the past 4 1/2 years and most of all I am very, very eager to get on with a new project that will test every sinew of my poor old reporter’s body.

So, thanks for reading and remember, to adapt what Winston Churchill said: Keep Bloggering On!